Altra Meat Grinder Reviews (Is it Worth Buying?)

Perhaps you are looking for a quality meat grinder at a reasonable price. Well, in this case, you could consider the Altra meat grinder. Both the design and the performance of this grinder are top-notch.

Since it comes with a very low price tag, there is some issue here. You will get an honest review of the Altra meat grinder in this post. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder Review


First impression matters. This Powerful ALTRA az-mg090 Electric Food Meat Grinder comes with a very shiny appearance. Because it is made of stainless steel. No doubt, everyone will like this model.

It is compact. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen. It does not need a lot of space to store. Overall, the design and appearance of this Powerful ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder are awesome.

Powerful ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder
Product Title
Product Title
Powerful ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder
450 Watts (While Grinding)
3 Layer Stainless Steel
120V, 60Hz
ON, OFF, REVERSE and Safety Switch
Cutting Blades
Cutting Blades
Grinding Plates
Grinding Plates
Kibbe Attachments
Kibbe Attachments
Sausage Tube
Sausage Tube
Food Pusher
Food Pusher


Actually, performance is the main concern. You can grind any type of meat including chicken, venison, beef, or other meat smoothly with this meat grinder.

It comes with a 2000-watt motor. But you should use it in 400 to 450 wattage. Although Altra claims that they use noise reduction technology, It Produces medium to high noise. The reason behind the noise is the power of the motor.

You can use this meat grinder for 15 minutes continuously. Then you have to rest the machine. You can grind 20 lbs. meat in 15 minutes with this model. 

The mincing quality of the grinder is fine and smooth. The sharpness of the blade is awesome. It cuts the meat.

This Altra electric meat grinder comes with a suction cup. When you run the grinder, your grinder will be stable due to the presence of the suction cup.


Although it comes with a suction cup, your grinder will be shaking while grinding the meat. The build quality of this grinder is not top-notch.

So, the durability of this grinder is questionable. But I believe you can use this electric meat grinder for a few years without any hassle. Considering the price, this is a good deal indeed.


This Altra meat grinder is completely safe for use. You know an electric meat grinder could be dangerous because this small machine comes with a powerful motor.

To control the grinder, it comes with a safety lock switch. I think this is a great feature that is not present in many other grinders in the market.

However, this Altra meat grinder comes with an all copper engine. It is made of stainless steel. That is why it is super glossy and rust-proof. apart from the body, all of the accessories of this grinder are made of food-grade material.

So, there is no health risk here.

Easy to Use9.8
Easy to clean9.6

Reverse Function

You have the maximum flexibility here. You can handle this meat grinder in 3 ways. The On, Off, and Reverse switch.

Reverse switch is a nice feature indeed. unfortunately, many of the renowned meat grinders that come with over 100 bucks don’t come with the reverse function. So, this is a plus point for Altra indeed.


Altra is way more than an electric meat grinder. It is a combination of a meat mincer, a food grinder and a sausage stuffer. 

It comes with the following accessories.

Sizes Grinding Plates3 (Coarse, Medium, Fine)
Cutting Blades2
Sausage Tube1
Kibbe Attachments2
Plastic Food Pusher1
Accessory Storage1
User Manual 1

Cleaning Method

This is not a dishwasher-safe electric meat grinder. Actually, most of the meat grinder in the market is not dishwasher safe. You should use warm water under 122 degrees Fahrenheit with a soft liquid detergent or cleaning agent to clean the parts of this grinder.

You can easily separate all the parts of this grinder. Also, assembling is very easy here.

Disadvantage of Altra Meat Grinder

  • It produces noise although the manufacturer claims it comes with soundproof technology
  • It is not a super durable meat grinder
  • It is not Dishwasher safe. You have to clean it manually in warm water (under 122 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • You can not grind the chicken bone with this meat grinder


Here is the answer to some commonly asked questions about the Altra electric meat grinder. I hope you will be benefited.

Can Altra meat grinder grind bones?

No, you can not grind bones with the Altra meat grinder. Although the manufacturer claims that their meat grinder can grind chicken grinder, you can not do it smoothly. Actually, Altra meat grinders can not grind the chicken bones smoothly.

Is Altra Meat Grinder Worthy of Money?

Yes, definitely. It comes at a very cheap price comparatively. Moreover, the performance of this meat grinder is satisfactory. Also, it works as a sausage stuffer and Kubbe maker. So, this is worthy of the money meat grinder.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quality meat grinder under 100 bucks, then definitely you could consider this Altra meat grinder. Overall, this one is worthy of the electric meat grinder.

If you are looking for a sturdier and more powerful meat grinder than Altra then I suggest you buy the Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder.

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