Cuisinart Meat Grinder Review – Is It Good?

Don’t have tried yet to make a burger, sausage, or meatball with homemade ground meat? if you are looking for an electric meat grinder for regular use under 100 bucks, then I will recommend you to buy the Cuisinart meat grinder.

You know Cuisinart is one of the top leading kitchen accessories brands. They manufacture top-notch products. Today I will walk you through the review of the Cuisinart electric meat grinder. Additionally, I have reviewed the Cuisinart Stand mixer meat grinding attachment.

Yes, this Cuisinart electric meat grinder is one of the best electric meat grinders in the market. You could buy It for its durability and performance. It is worthy of money indeed.

I will cover everything including the advantages and disadvantages of this meat grinder. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Advantages of the Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

  • Assembling is super easy
  • Ready to run. You can run the grinder just after assembling
  • Worthy of money and you will not regret
  • You can grind approximately 2 lbs. meat per minute. That is awesome for this price
  • Cleaning is very easy. But you have to clean the parts manually and one by one

Disadvantages of the Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

  • Not dishwasher safe. Most of the meat grinders are not dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with a slow motor because this is only for occasional use.
  • All the parts are not made of stainless steel. But this is not a cheap product indeed.
Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder
Cuisinart Meat Grinder Attachment for SM-50S
Product Title
Product Title
Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder
Cuisinart Meat Grinder Attachment for SM-50S
Stainless Steel
Plastic and Stainless Steel
2-3 lbs. meat per minute
2 lbs. per minute
Grinding Plate
Grinding Plate
2 Stainless Steel medium and coarse Size
2 stainless steel (Fine and Coarse size)
Sausage Nozzle
Sausage Nozzle
Large and Medium
2 (Large and Medium)
Reverse Function
Reverse Function

Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder Review

Built Quality and Design

First, consider the appearance. This Cuisinart meat grinder comes with a compact and shiny appearance. You can keep this grinder anywhere in your kitchen.

I love the storage features of this Cuisinart Meat Grinder. You can keep the blades, the cutting plate, and the sausage stuffing kits inside the pusher.

This Cuisinart Meat Grinder is made of quality stainless steel. It is completely safe for health and the color will not fade.


The performance of the electric meat grinder depends on some points.

First of all the power of the motor. It comes with a 300-watt motor. With this power, you can grind approximately 2 lbs. beef and venison per minute. For chicken, you will get approximately 3 lbs. meat per minute.

If you are not a heavy user, this will be perfect for you. you can grind continuously without any hassle with this grinder.

After the power, the most important thing is the blade. This Cuisinart Meat Grinder comes with a very sharp and thick stainless steel blade. So, the meat will remain fresh and tasty.

The auger is another concern. Since the auger is made of thick stainless steel, you don’t need to think about it.

Reverse function

The reverse function is an awesome addition to the latest meat grinder. Like the other premium meat grinder, this Cuisinart Meat Grinder comes with a Reverse function.

That means you can rotate the auger in reverse while necessary.


Among all the meat grinders in the market, I found this Cuisinart Meat Grinder is one of the most durable meat grinders. All the parts of this grinder are made from quality material.

Yes, some of the parts are plastic made, but those are not cheap. Obviously, they are ABS-free food-grade plastic.


Cleaning is always a hassle. Unfortunately, this meat grinder is not dishwasher safe. Not only this one, but most of the meat grinders in the market also is not dishwasher safe.

You can easily separate the parts from the grinder body. For cleaning, you can use warm water and mild liquid soap wash.


You will get the following accessories with this package.

  • 2 cutting plates. One is medium and another is Coarse size.
  • 1 stainless steel thick blade
  • 1 plate for sausage stuffing
  • 2 nozzle for sausage stuffing

Not Sure which meat grinder is best for you? Read this article about the best meat grinder on the market.

Cuisinart Meat Grinder Attachment for SM-50S review

If you already have a Cuisinart SM-50 series and SM-35 Series Stand mixer, then you don’t need to buy the electric meat grinder. Cuisinart offers a meat grinder attachment for their stand mixer.

Let’s have a look at the features for the Cuisinart Meat Grinder Attachment for SM-50S.

  • 2 stainless steel grinding plates. One is for a fine cut and another is for the coarse cut.
  • 2 sausage nozzle, one for small and another for large
  • Plastic wrench for tightening and loosening the attachment
  • 1-year warranty

The drawback of this Cuisinart Meat Grinder Attachment for SM-50S

  • The main drawback of this meat grinder attachment is its build quality. Except for the auger, grinding plate, and cutting plates, everything is made of plastic.
  • However, it is made of ABS-free food-grade plastic. So, don’t think about health safety.
  • Since you will get a 1-year warranty, I believe you will not face a major problem with this meat grinder attachment.

Final Thoughts

I prefer the Cuisinart stainless steel meat grinder to the meat grinder attachment. You will get a great performance for small-scale use.

If you are a heavy user, then I don’t support the Cuisinart meat grinder. In this case, you could consider the LEM Big Bite series.

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