7 Ways to Use Meat Grinder Like a Pro

Do you know you can do some awesome things with your simple meat grinder except grinding meat? Well, here I will walk you through 7 daily life tricks with the meat grinder.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why should you own a meat grinder?

Once, a meat grinder was an uncommon kitchen tool. But now it has been changing. Although electric meat grinders are not very complex to use, people don’t understand them. It is just like running a blender machine.

Moreover, the price of a standard quality meat grinder is affordable. So, why should you rely on the butcher shop? No one can assure you that they maintain complete hygiene.

So, to make your delicious recipe anytime and anywhere, you should have a meat grinder.

Types of meat grinder

  • Old school manual meat grinder
  • Electric meat grinder for home use
  • Heavy-duty electric meat grinder for commercial use

If you have a manual or electric meat grinder for home use, you can try these tips.

Use of Meat Grinder

Grinding Meat

No doubt, a meat grinder is designed for grinding meat. You can grind any type of meat like venison, beef, mutton, chicken, turkey, duck, pork with the meat grinder.

Grinding Bone For Dog Food

Do you know you can grind soft bones like chicken, turkey, duck for making dog food? You know, dog foods are expensive. So, if your dog is habituated to homemade food, it is good for the pet’s health and your pocket also.

All of the meat grinders are not perfect for grinding bones. I have mentioned some of the best meat grinders for bones here. You could check this article here.

making dog food with meat grinder

Making Sausage

Making sausage is another awesome use of a meat grinder. People who love meat, most of them try different sausage recipes. You don’t need any extra instruments for making sausage. Usefully all the premium quality meat grinders come with a sausage stuffing kit.

Burger Patty

Another most interesting use of the meat grinder is making the burger patty. You have full control of the coarseness. It doesn’t matter which type of meat you like; you can easily make it at home.

making burger patty with meat grinder

Grinding Vegetables

Although all the vegetables are not perfect for chopping with the meat grinder, you could grind some vegetables for particular purposes, especially for the pickles and relishes. Also, you could add some vegetables and herbs while grinding meat.


All the meat grinders are not suitable for juicing. But you can do it with some special models that come with the juicing attachment. So, if you want to try juicing with a meat grinder, you could choose this type.

You could choose the STX Megaforce 3000 for juicing. It comes with Juicing attachment. Check it here.

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Grating Cheese

Grating a lot of cheese needs enormous time. So, when you need a fast output, you could use your meat grinder. Although a meat grinder is not the perfect tool for grating cheese, you can do it smoothly. You may be tensed by the cleaning. Since cheese melts easily, you can clean it easily.

grating cheese with meat grinder

Making Peanut Butter

Making peanut butter with a meat grinder is a weird idea indeed. But it works. Some of the food bloggers tried it and they did it successfully. So, you could try it with your meat grinder.


Can I use a meat grinder for vegetables?

Yes, you can use a meat grinder for grinding vegetables. If you need a large amount of chopping vegetables, you could use your meat grinder to get make the process super fast.

Can you use a meat grinder to grind corn?

A regular meat grinder is not suitable for grinding corn. You need the grain attachment for grinding corn. So, you have to consider it while buying a meat grinder. Because all the meat grinders don’t support the grain attachment.

Can You Use a Meat Grinder to Make Pellets?

Yes, you can make pellets with both the manual and electric meat grinder. The size of the pellets will be a little bit smaller than the grinder plate. Usually, pellets are used to season various types of food.

Final Thoughts

Meat grinders are awesome tools for meat lovers. Apart from grinding meat, you have a lot of opportunities here. So, if you don’t have a meat grinder, you could read my guide to getting the best meat grinder here.

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