Is It Worth Buying a Meat Grinder?

Technology has become a blessing in the kitchen industry. Now, getting fresh ground meat is just a matter of moment. You will get both expensive and cheap meat grinders for commercial and home use in the market. But is investing in a meat grinder worth it?

Yes, buying a meat grinder is worthy indeed. Meat grinders are not very expensive and it is a great long-term investment for getting fresh ground meat in your kitchen or camping site. You can control the type, ratio, hygiene while grounding meat. Above all, it will save your money year after year.

Here I have discussed the benefits of having a meat grinder, other than grinding meat.

So, let’s get started.

Is It Worth Buying a Meat Grinder

What are the Benefits of Grinding Your Meat?

Well, having a meat grinder, whether it is an electric or manual meat grinder is a blessing. Let’s have a look at the benefits of grinding your meat.

Health benefits

Meat is the main source of protein. If you love to experiment with meat recipes, then the meat grinder is a blessing for you.

You know, the meat grinding industry and the butcher house try to make their surroundings neat and clean. But apparently, it is an impossible task in some particular cases. So, contamination is not an exception here.

A meat grinder is an ideal choice for preventing such contamination. You can easily clean your surroundings. And finally, you can grind your meat in a contamination-free environment.

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Fresh meat

No one can guarantee you that you will get the freshest ground meat from the providers. It could be fresh or may not. So, why will you take the risk?

Meat grinder is super easy to handle even for people who have never handled a meat grinder before. So, for getting fresh meat there is no alternative to the meat grinder.

Combination of different meat

Like you want to combine chicken and turkey. Will the butcher house allow you to combine these two’s? Probably No!

So, to get the combination of different meats, there is no alternative to owning a meat grinder.


Home-made food is the best food in the world. There is no doubt here. Although it needs some time to grind the meat, you should buy a meat grinder to get the authentic taste.

Save money

There is a huge difference between raw meat and processed ground meat. So, by investing a few bucks you can save money for your entire life.


Last but not least, the ultimate freedom. I prefer freedom to all other points here.

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Why is grinding your meat better than store-bought meat?

No doubt, grinding your meat is better than store-bought meat.

The meat grinder needs to be cleaned before and after each use. There are no major issues with the meat grinder other than cleaning and time.

Despite the problems, you will benefit both economically and healthily as a result.


You already know, contamination could be dangerous. Especially the E.coli contamination. In recent days, E.coli contamination has increased from the butcher shop. So, considering the contamination and health risk, owning a meat grinder is mandatory.


You can save money while grinding your meat. The grinding rate of fresh meat differs from state to state. But the service is not cheap or buying the ground meat.

So, to save your money, grinding meat at home is better than store-bought meat. 

What Other Uses Of Meat Grinder Except for Grinding Meat

What Other Uses Of Meat Grinder Except for Grinding Meat

Apart from grinding meat, you can do the following activities with the meat grinder.

Grinding Bones

You can grind the soft bones like chicken, duck, turkey bones for your dog with a quality meat grinder. If you have the intention to grind the bones, you should buy a quality meat grinder.

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Grinding Vegetables

You could grind vegetables with the meat grinder. But all the vegetables are not perfect for grinding. So, please check the meat grinder before buying whether it is capable of grinding vegetables or not.

Use As Juicer

You can use the meat grinder as a juicer, it contains the juicer attachment. Without the juicer attachment, you can not use the meat grinder for juicing fruits.

Sausage Stuffing

Yes, you can stuff the sausage with the sausage stuffing kit. With almost all the quality meat grinders, comes the sausage stuffing kit.

Burger Patty

For making hamburger patties, meat grinders are perfect. But all the meat grinders are not perfect for making a burger patty. A quality electric meat grinder is essential for burger patties.

Grind Grains

Yes, you can grind grains with the meat grinder. The manual meat grinders are better than the electric meat grinders to grind grains. But before grinding grain, you should check the grinding plate whether it is perfect for the grain or not.

Final Thoughts

So, my recommendation is buying a meat grinder is worth the money. There is no hesitation here. If you are a person who likes exploring new meat recipes, the meat grinder is a must for you. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

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